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Domina Play Soiree

June 29th 6-10pm, Midtown NYC

The first wave of Summer-fun, visiting, Diva Dominas are coming to town!  And it’s time to Play in a Big Way!

4be9b906a8a00ed467e829eb75f45177I create the kinds of events in the kinds of environments with the kinds of Quality Fetishists who compliment My Energies. I always present events with class, grace, and excellence.

My Events are catered, in a completely private (no walk-ins), clean, and comfortable, Midtown space with an elevator — and NO cameras anywhere. And, as always, to ensure that Quality Fetishists are in attendance, ALL ATTENDEES MUST submit a complete application.  No one will be admitted to My Private Spaces without providing the photo(s) I require or by adhering to special preparations (as provided for in the Event Application Form) — end of discussion.

ALL applicants are carefully screened for participation. Do you realize that this means that I give the time to actually communicate with each and every attendee and potential attendee?

  • I am ever generous: if you have budget considerations and/or would like to offer your service as Event Staff, be certain to read the details to be able to join My Soiree fun.

right-arrow Specific Details are provided ONLY to screened applicants.

right-arrow  If you wish to join Us for this SPECIAL Event, please see details HERE.

DommeSalon™ Meet & Greet

March 16th, 6-9pm  Midtown NYC

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It’s time for a Diva Gathering! Join The DommeSalon™ for a Meet & Greet with current members and potential, new members!

Details will be sent to existing participants of Domina101™ Programs and current DommeSalon™ Members first. If You are a Domina who would like to check Us out, please introduce Yourself here.

The Domina101™ Collective Training via webcam and in person in NYC is in full swing! Enjoy a comfortable environment to learn, to share, and make personal connections to support Your Dominance. For more information, please read and Join Us!

Domina Play Soirees

©The Mistress Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comDomina Play Soirees are DommeSalon™ Socializers where groups of intelligent, talented Dommes are brought together for community building, networking,  and to enjoy a lucky sub or 2 to serve Us.  These events are designed for Us to meet people We can actually like in The Scene!

As always, Domina Play Soirees are Elegant Fetish Fun in a Private, Midtown NYC Salon for an AFTERNOON or EVENING of delightful indulgences, hors d’oeuvres & a bubbly toast.

Dominas and submissives who wish to join Us, please click HERE.

The Domina101™ Collective

Click Here For Schedule

Domina101™ ~ © The Mistress Didi* ~ www.PartyDomme.comThe Domina101™ Collective is an opportunity for Female Dominants to learn and share Life Knowledge, techniques, and general-how-to information from and with Quality Fetishists.

As part of My commitment to BetterFetish™, I’ve created The Domina101™ Collective for Mentoring and Fetish Networking opportunities for Dominas near and far! Personal connections are the best way to communicate and share.

The Domina101™ Collective Training program is conducted via webcam to allow a multitude of Dominas to connect. Guest Dominas are invited to present to The Domina101™ Collective. In-person gatherings are held in NYC and can be created for Your location. Some events are free, some events require a fee.

No egos, just sharing and caring.

And, of course, You will gain the benefits of learning Mistress Didi*s PleasurePain™ Techniques.

There’s a hard way and an intelligent way to do things. This program is a commitment to “living life with ease.”

Sessions are in progress at this time with new groups forming on a regular basis.

To join The Domina101™ Collective,  please click here.

FREE Webcam Workshops for Charity Fundraising

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