Take responsibility for the energy you bring.  ~ Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


When this venture was first proposed,We were met (and continue to be met) with all kinds of negativity and opposition.

However, We are fearless!  FEAR = False Experiences Appearing Real

  • Because We ARE a wonderful group of exceptional, True Dominas joined in creating a Real Fetish COMMUNITY;
  • Because We know that the best way for improvements on any level and in any area of existence will always come from The Divine Feminine Energy (as opposed to lizard-brain thinking that the World has been the slave of);
  • Because Women are naturally inclined to be supportive, creative, inspirational, cooperative, and committed to succeed (where “mere-females” support the lizard-brain agenda);
  • Because We deserve, desire to, and are able to create (as are You) BetterFetish™ for Us to enjoy in the company of other Women of like-minds and energies;
  • Because We are Real Dommes Who maintain Our Domains on Our Terms, as it should be, and Who support other Dominas in doing the same;
  • Because We know that the more of Us there are Who have solid, support systems will yield more, quality Fetish overall;
  • Because the state of The Fetish Scene has and continues to steadily decline into sleazoid-abomination;
  • Because We take the initiative to be a part of The Solution rather than sit back, complain, and contribute to the problem;
  • Because NOW is the time to create Our Fantasies as Realities;

We are The DommeSalon™!

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