(Work In Progress)

DommeSalon™ is a loving, Female Zone designed for the enhancement of Fetish Lifestyle enjoyments.  Offering educational resources, workshops, and events, Our primary goal is to enjoy Ourselves while evolving Our Personal Journeys in Fetish and beyond.

We create a haven from the ugliness that assaults Our senses and which  pervades The Scene today.  We are a part of the solution to the restoration of Fetish as Therapeutic Art and to the improvement in The Scene overall.

At present, Membership entails monthly commitments to the maintenance of
DommeSalon™ (To Be Determined).  Participants attend events and are invited to private and personal functions by request.  DommeSalon™ is a Female Dominant Cooperation where Females of all roles and male submissives are welcome.

1)    DommeSalon™ is a “safe space” where Members/Participants can be free to express Themselves with the goal of personal evolution through contributions to The Whole.

a)    We create a judgment-free zone where concepts are discussed for healthy exploration in an environment where You can be Yourself and be appreciated for Who You Are.

b)    Words of encouragement and caution are used, but never words with diminishing qualities.

c)    Truth and Kindness are how conversations begin and end.

d)    Members/Participants agree to foster comfort and caring so that the novice can be at ease while sitting next to the Seasoned Domme and visa-versa.

2)    “Drama” is preferred on Broadway; don’t bring it or egos through the doors.  However, feel free to break into a musical number at any appropriate time!

a)    If a disagreement occurs, the Goal is always to find a peaceful resolution with good will.

b)    Petty behaviors, including gossip, are unwelcome.

c)    Absolutely NO discussions about politics, religion, or the battle of the sexes are permitted
at DommeSalon™ Events.

i)    Spiritual Enhancements (such as guided meditations) are welcome.

3)    Members/Participants will assist in the maintenance of DommeSalon™ Events in ways that they can, when and how they can.

a)    Members agree to assist in and hostess (at the venue) Training Sessions for
DommeSalon™ staff and mentees.  Participants may join in Training Sessions upon approval.

4)    Mentoring and sharing of techniques, experiences, etc. are most welcome and encouraged.

5)    DommeSalon™ “Resources” (e.g., servants) are shared and not monopolized by Members.

6)    DommeSalon™ reserves the right to remove/eject/banish any participant(s) whose energies are found to be disruptive.

7)    Any participants who have difficulty adhering to the above will be required to leave, probably for good.